Phone Call Costs

Ok, after my post the other week on phone call costs, I though I would post up a summary

Here are some pre-dial numbers for having cheaper UK mobile calls:

0844 428 0004 (4p/min)
0844 428 2525 (4p/min)
price comparison from:

or for UK landlines:

0844 721 2525 (1p/min)
0844 861 2121 (1p/min)
0844 861 3838 (1p/min)
0844 721 0001 (1p/min)

The Niftylist website is best viewed with CustomizeGoogle enabled in Firefox web browser.

Another Phone call cost comparison site which is worth checking out does not have adverts but is more garish.

Note: you get charged for time to answer even if not answered but at these prices compared with BT/Telewest/NTL etc. this not significant factor in decision to use over default with line supplier.

If you wish to verify rates and who supplies service use:

Also another aspect of using these pre-dial numbers is the follow through number actually called does not show on itemised bill.

Also you can view web and have you can access phoneline clear at same time you can get some minutes of landline calls hassle free from JaJah and Webcalldirect. I think it gets max trial minutes from number used rather than cookie which could drop or IP which could change via Tor ({.moz-txt-link-freetext} )

These can still be used after switch to The Phone Co-op as default service which I recommend for reasons over immediate cost comparisons but is slightly cheaper than BT but still worth using these pre-dial access numbers to get the cheapest rates.
I recommend The Phone Coop because it is a customer coop and so is more stable and can’t be taken over by another company which causes disruption. Also one can have share and influence the company policy through that as well as get a dividend. Also it is worth getting a Phone Coop account if you use Cable phone line to get fixed cost calls in evening.
For directory inquiries use 118114 which is cheaper than most of others.

Martin Lewis’s take on phone and broadband costs