Rip off ATMs and bank charges

BBC have a story today about rip off ATM charging. This comes after the goverment forced pensioners and those on benefit to get bank accoutns to receive dole in. There was a previous story on Scottish TV.
In our area the only ATMs that charge. One is in a location that used to be non-charging can they keep the bank symbols on it and only warning that it charged £1.75 was on screen in a blue thin font on a blue background. Often wehn people using told it charges people don’t use it, so in many case people go to use it unaware of charge. Obtaining money from these charges is deceiving people and in my view amounts to fraud.
Also a friend went into a shop and first asked if they accepted cards and they said they did then later at till they told him to go use charging machince in the store.

Also now with admin charges on bills people are encouraged to used direct debit but it is not as straight forward to set it up so fits in with weekly or fortnightly pay. I have a friend who has several time including last 2 months had bank charges to pay because out of sync direct debits with income. I would advise them to move to bank that has buffer zone (such as the HSBC) where it is preserved by not being able to dip into it with solo/eletron card or atm withdrawals but if direct debit attempted will be able to. But I doubt can switch bank with resulting bad credit rating due to previous uncovered direct debit attempts.

For basic accounts the co-operative bank has a lower charge than most, but still it is pretty unbearable to get one of these let alone several. HSBC may be not charge.
Someone elses advice on bank charges