Taking on the banks over bank charges

Radio 4 had a programme covering the issue of reclaiming bank charges. They also just had a good one on Privacy in Peril which cover identity theft and use of information stored on us in databases such as credit card info.

But back to bank charges, which it seems well worth reclaiming any that have been made against you for missing credit card repayment, bounced direct debits or cheques, or unauthorised overdrafts in last six years (maybe more in Scotland, yet to check out, but there is the lower limit of £750 at small claims court in Scotland). There are several websites with templates for letters to write and then small claims court procedure which will result in getting charges refunded. There are various other web forums where one can follow others’ success with this.

Consumer Action Group forum

Penalty Charges website includes forum

Bank Charges Hell

Martin Lewis on reclaiming bank charges

This is money on reclaiming bank charges

Basically given the government wish to save money by scrapping post office basic bank account to force us all to use banks to have benefits and pensions paid into; it is good people are taking on the banks over there unlawful use of bank charges to fund the advertising blurb of ‘free banking’ where 20% of often poorest customers who incur most charges fund wider current account system through bank charges that amount to extortion. The law says that charges that cover more than admin costs are an unfair penalty and that is unlawful.
Also, the only local cash till in my area was converted to fee-charging cash till that only warns so in blue writing in the thin font on blue background.