Spring entry

I spend most winter looking forward to the spring equinox as I don’t like the dark of winter, and we passed it last week. The clock went forward last night so we get up earlier to give us more daylight when active. Yesterday with Ulla I visited St Andrews in Fife, as she had not visited it before and I did not properly look around last time I visited which was quite a while ago. There is a Chocolaterie-Confiserie-Boulangerie-Patisserie shop called Fisher & Donaldson that has quite a range of edible delights that would quite take a time to get through all the sorts and I got some of Easter specials, including an Easter chicken. Unfortunately, we eat them without photographing them first so share with you what they looked like. We did take quite a few photos of the sites. The sun was shining and the breeze was mild but enough to make waves look good.

I have been meaning to add more articles on various mostly tech subjects, but not able to find the time. I am not sure if I will start to do more diary posts such as this. We will see.