Cycling again / addresses

After winter break I have started this week cycling to and from work. On my way back on Monday I saw the Heron under bridge from Fords Road over Water of Leith I had not seen him as far up as that and was closest I had seen him. He looked back at me, and turned around showing of his big quif like feather on his head that I had not noticed before, a pity I did not have a camera. My camera card not working well it unmounts after transferring one photo to computer.

I have recent been looking at issue of addresses.
And came across the Association of British Counties who have convinced me to now use the historic county more in addresses, especially ones where not really in located in the ‘post town’. I also use the Gazetteer they provide.

NPLG do a gazetteer of addresses but it is not freely accessible. They just seem to sell it like the Royal Mail’s PAF but at least one can search a few online.