making our records last

I think it would be good if human knowledge and accounts of events were added to glass bottles by engraving or have stored in form by raised lettering, code or pictures. These will last longer than paper or film. Bottles go all over the world and although many get recycled the fate of many is to end up in land fill, where they could be retrieved by archaeologists of the future.

I noticed bbc’s iPM is looking at using Coca Cola distribution network to carry aid. This would add cost to their process and so would any engraving process or changing in molds of the large batches of bottles. But their is benefit of good image to Coca Cola.

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  1. Stewart Home says:

    There is a Cildo Meireles show on at Tate Modern (till 11 January 2009) which includes examples of his altered Coca Cola bottles. Because they were recycled he used them to distribute messages. He also stamped messages on bank notes… something I’ve seen done elsewhere but not the bottles. Actually these small works are much more interesting that his big installations which for me don’t really work so well….

    The Tate say about Meireles: “His work inherited the legacy of Neo-concretism, a Brazilian movement of the late 1950s that rejected the extreme rationalism of geometric abstraction in favour of more sensorial, participatory works, which engage the body as well as the mind. The utopian optimism of the Neo-concrete artists foundered after the coup of 1964, which ushered in an oppressive military regime.”

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