Maps: Missing Post Offices

Found this map of post offices

but the 2 closest to me in Muirhouse and Pennywell are missing.

I will have to check out where data is from and why this is.

These post offices get a fair bit of custom and despite new round of post office closures they both should be secure. The government set out to undermine the postoffice network by taking the benefits payments from them pushing claimants to use bank which fleece claimants with penalties to cover costs.

Open Street Map has an icon for post offices:
But long way to go before they all get tagged.

I am hoping to explore OSM tools parsing address tags for building into BS7666 format.
In that way OSM could in future inferface with datasets that held address element in BS7666 format. or even become if not linked to a free version of the National Land and Property Gazetteer.
More on format of NLPG:
Hopefully in time the the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) from the NLPG these will become more widely know and used. At moment it is only if particular professions that it is used outside local government.
More open access to NLPG as it is updated when developer applies for planning permission would still be a great plus however developed free alternatives get. Also by being more open feedback would improve it accuracy authorities us i.e changes of names and usage, splitting of properties.
Also each local authority should hold a register of street works against the Unique Street Reference Number (UPRN) from related National Street Gazetteer and now under the recently implemented Traffic Management Act 2004 those digging or near the road will be providing as part of permit application the exact start and end location by OS National Grid co-ordinates, which could shown on such a resource.

I have been interested in this area for awhile now but it seems there has been various discussion in various parts about more freeing of data. I posted a comment at
which prompted me to pull some of together info in this post.