end of Summer

After windy day yesterday it is calm today and also sunny but cool as summer as come to an end, but I should get out after posting this. I am still cycling to and from work but not sure for how much longer, as a the other really felt need for a that. I had a late start to cycling this year as took a while to fix my bike and only because my missus helped me, to make sure I started for Bike to Work week.

We have been visiting quite a few trips to various places this summer which has been good. Been adding odd bits to to Open Street Map from them. But not really added much in systematic way.

I have been reading up on various aspects of future trends in energy production. After reading lots I am better informed but still split over some of predictions and not able to say clear which winner to back. I keep meaning to post in this blog my conclusions but one thing holding me back is that conclusions not clear cut. Anyway we will see. But one thing is I think it is going to be interesting to see big changes over next few decades.

Listening to tunes from bands have not heard in while, in Spotify.