switched from Kubuntu to OpenSuse

I have switched the GNU/Linux distro I am using after the graphics died after an update to the X server under Kunbuntu. I could have fixed it, but I used the opportunity to switch to OpenSUSE.
I had intended to use OpenSUSE when I got my computer last year, but it came with Kubuntu so thought would give a go. Ulla’s laptop and the previous computer have had OpenSUSE on, and I had found it quite polished setup. There are aspects I really like about OpenSUSE over Kubuntu, although some things getting used to. Some programmes I was using under Kubuntu are not easily in found default repositories, but most are. I have discovered some new programmes such as Choqok, which can use with microblogging sites such as Identi.ca
GNU/Linux is made up of similar ingredients, the distro is really the recipe that blends them together. More important is the choice of which programmes to use for main tasks and what desktop platform to use. I use KDE and use many KDE programmes such as Kmail.
Note if switching from OpenSUSE from Kubuntu you can’t just use upgrade option with Open SUSE, I need to create a new partition for OpenSUSE install and do new install into that then set old partition as home directory and move old home folders, and create users as before. OpenSUSE is good at resetting permissions on directories for new users as they are created. Kubuntu does not do this when I tried a reinstall of it.
Also, I have had to move some config files from .kde to .kde4 directories for some users. I think this is because of the way I upgraded early to KDE4 for some users but not others under Kubuntu, together with the difference in how distros handle the switch to KDE4.
For example, I had to move the config file for Amorak to get back my podcast list. Amorak now works under OpenSUSE as it should with it auto-downloading podcasts which it did not before under Kubuntu where it also added random tracks to the playlist. I listen to a lot of podcasts on way to and from work each day.

Previously I had upgraded from OpenSUSE 11.1 to 11.2 it did not work the first time and need to use repair tool on same install DVD then worked ok. The repair tool with OpenSUSE is much more user friendly and seems to do more than Kubuntu’s.