Deer in Granton & other wildlife.

Yesterday I saw a small brown deer at site of some demolished flats near the National Museum storage building near site of old gasworks in Granton. It was 8.30am.

The Forth Quarter park still is fenced off from road at West Shore Road where it ends in path to nowhere. [Update 2011: now ForthQuarter park open on to West Shore Road]

But a footpath link through new housing has been opened off Marine Drive.

They have restarted work on the housing there including a block that I liked the look of when was just concrete structure set against the trees

I saw last week the swan with 2 grey fluffy babies swans, on the Water of Leith.

I quite often see one of at least 2 Grey Herons at various places on the Water of Leith.

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2 Responses to Deer in Granton & other wildlife.

  1. Emily says:

    Hi Micah,
    Please be careful about posting about the deer. They are a wildlife blessing for people like yourself who appreciate them, but word has gotten out and there is now a bloodsport problem in the area. Sad little men have been sending staffies and terriers after them, and the only male in the herd has already been attacked. It’s a real shame 🙁

  2. Bunny says:

    That is indeed a shame . I am guessing article in Evening News rather than this blog, spread word. Now that issue has bolted; let’s confront it in open, lets us deal with those that breed & train dogs to fight, injure & kill. Efforts have been made to deter carrying of knives, I have been disturbed by dogs seemly used as weapons. Is there a broader link?

    Good luck with keeping the deer & others safe.

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