The clear out continues….

I have been clearing out much of what I have accumulated.

I chucked out some old cassette tapes today, and will prob get rid of most latter. But those with printed inlays and label that were bought already are there for anyone who wants them. I would only play them in car and already have enough for that, and tend just like listening to more Radio 1 and recently more classical music the in car. I listen to Radio 4 and now Radio 3 more in house with more classical music nowadays.

Cassettes on offer:
Asia – Asia
Yes – 90125
Yes – Close to the edge
Yes – Yesshows
Judas Priest – Turbo
Nirvana – Insecticide
Army Of Lovers – Crucified
Various Artists – Lambada
SL2 – DJs Take Control & Way in My Brain
Quadrophonia – Cozmic Jam
Narciso Yeps plays Spanish Guitar Music
Cocteau Twins – Sunburst & Snowblind Cocteau Twins – Head over Heels
Belinda Carlisle
Pink Floyd – The Wall
Pink Floyd – A Saucerful of secrets
Pink Floyd – Relics
Pink Floyd – Animals
Patti Smith – Dream of Life.
Joe Jackson – Body & Soul
Joe Jackson – Big World
Paul Simon – Graceland
Eric Clapton – The Cream of
Laibach – Let it be + Opus Dei
Laibach – Kapital
The The – Mind Bomb
The The – Soul Mining
Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam
Technotronic – Body to Body

and several more..

I can probably retrieve much stuff from ‘the cloud’ if find need in future. The mix tapes I am looking up listings on the net and seeing what is there. I wonder if any stuff rare and won’t be found, but more so for ephemera.
It is a pity our scanner not working at moment, but not really got time to scan stuff, and lots already gone.
I managed to sell 3 DVDs on ebay, but often seems more hassle than worth and others will go to charity shops.
Plenty of plain DVD cases if any one wants them including some never used still in wrap.

I have not found time to post more of what is to to go on Freeagle but here a list of some things available has been updated on previous blog entry repeated here:

  • Ethernet Cards (Two)
  • Two LDPE Waste water kitchen sink 90 degree Bend 40mm (1 & half “) compression waste system Marley product code KMB 2XR (still in packaging unused)
  • Washing Machine W/M Valve Tee 15x15mm C x 3/4 Robimatic Code V354 – EN 1254-2 on compression bolt ends (still in packaging unused), both blue & red valve levers to swap as required
  • ‘Butane Battery’ type – D4 BS 0044 Net 460g Standard screw thread EN417. Self sealing when removed from appliance. Gas type: butane propane mix added propane for consistent gas pressure and cold weather use. 5 060006 140044
  • Street Map of Prague (2) and many other European city maps.
  • XL Brown leather Belt 39-41 Inch 99-104 cm unused

We already had big trip to charity shops with lots of books.

Some tech books still to go:

Linux Administration Handbook

Web Database Applications

COBOL Companion.
by Richard Yorke & Mary Spence

C Programming Made Simple
Conor Sexton

FORTRAN techniques
A.Colin Day

Usability: The site Speaks For Itself.

Web Design in a Nutshell – A Desktop Quick Reference

Perl 5 Interactive Course

Practical Visual C
by Jonathan Bates and Tim Tompkins

As well as computer stuff above I gave away a very old working Toshiba 220CS laptop that is only good for dial up internet access, basic email and really slow web browsing, used until recently by a friend of mine who told me it had served her well, but she now has laptop with wireless broadband access. It ran version 4.3 of Vector GNU/Linux operating system at moment. It was not worth running anything other than lightweight Linux distro on. It has Abiword for wordprocessor.

Another old laptop that is not as old but still pretty old that we will give away when clear up data on; it has BLAG GNU/Linux on it.

I also recently checked out the lightweight Linux desktop called LXDE is what I have installed on old tower pc and worked really well, until the pc just broke (zapped it with static I think when cleaning).