Location by name

Full places names can be useful to give location of a place such Newcastle under Lyme.
I checked with Staffordshire County Council and spoke to Gary who confirmed that marriage certificates and then subsequently details on birth certificates would give full place name to distinguish from other Newcastles.
The same is true with Schwaig b.Nürnberg (which expands to Schwaig bei Nürnberg which translates as Schwaig near Nuremberg or Schwaig at Nuremberg) but the registrar in Edinburgh said they would only allow abbreviation to just Schwaig. I unfortunately did not give the Newcastle analogy but Kingston upon Hull which does not compare as well. But it is not that important it just amuses me. Nürnberg has an English translation but many places will not then I think the ü should be written as ue but the registrar assistant I deal with in Edinburgh did not understand this they started to transcribe as just u, and so when I suggested using ue instead they said they were coping what on the documents I presented, in way someone might try to transcribe ß as b rather than ss. And then said it had to be in English hence we got on to translating to bei Nürnberg to near Nuremberg and being told could not use near in place name.