Future Energy

I recommend detailed but readable reports from Carbon Connect.
Look out for Future Heat series coming on tails of Future Electricity Series.
They are preparing them now.

Government releasing interesting Energy stats and reports including household energy usage breakdown from the National Energy Efficiency Data-Framework (NEED)

Pity licensing issues mean that Address-level data from the National Heat Map to load into your own GIS software is only available to local Authorities. But you can use web interface on DECC website to draw polygon around around areas and then generate reports of Heat usage, with breakdown by property type.

David Mackay still makes an interesting contribution.

I am wondering if there is good carbon saving to be made by City Centres using district CHP systems distributing low grade waste heat as steam for use in summer for cooling using Absorption Chillers like in New York. The switch to Gas (methane) powered CHP is a greenhouse gas emission saving over Electricity presently used for cooling, and even better if bio gas is used, with utilization of Gas Distribution and CHP assets throughout year. But would need to get critical mass and retrofitting would be barrier.

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