Use Encryption

There are many ways I recommend to use and deploy, where you have opportunity, encryption, to keep your privacy, and encourage others.
This blog is not available via SSL/HTTPS but I am considering it [Update: now available via SSL: ]. The extra cost including of certification of certificates are an issue though.
Although CAcert is a poor man’s alternative but gives most users poor experience but better than nothing and considering using for at least own blog login.
While the recommendation use of HTTPS/SSL (padlock next to browser address bar) is established where using forms to supply personal information , there is now more to encourage us to adopt SSL/HTTPS everywhere: not just from the EFF but also Google encouraging use of SSL/HTTP everywhere (video).

It looks like it may get easier to setup websites to have encrypted access with Lets Encrypt project.

You can check how good SSL of a website is via:

and if you do run a web server check out:

Email Server to Server encryption:

Email End to End encryption:
OpenPGP best practices
My old PGP page

Before passing personal details via a website:

You may wish check site domain ownership using whois:

To check status UK companies:
which is website I use but there are others that nay have better interface and search to same data and if you need copies if annual accounts etc get them for free from Companies House or direct from company in question.

Details of US companies:

as well as general websearch.

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