Future of this blog?

I have been wondering what to do with this blog, driven by me moving my websites to a new host Webarchitechs. So far the new virtual server does not have PHP on, and I am minded not to install it. I wish to keep it pretty slimline and lightweight, which will mean no WordPress. So should I abandon this blog? Or rehost it in the same way Giles Thomas has done as outline in his post using his new solution.

I have posted a few private posts to share photos with family, and so maintaining this is an issue with setting up a new solution with passworded posts. I never did this as much as intended and may see about sharing more to allow my family to see what we are up to without using social media platforms.

The SSL cert runs out on j12.org this month and since the new hosting allows me to deploy Let’s Encrypt certificates that is a good time to move j12.org