May Update

Happy Beltane / Merry Mayday

I have not used this blog as much as I intended being busy with life. It is a pity did not get to the local May Day March although went past by on way through city centre for some family to get there covid jabs on other side of town, turned out as well as appointment they were doing walk-ins so maybe could have rejigged the timing to go, but to tell you truth I missed several announcements even though by emails and in WhatsApp group on, had come so only found out on the day. It was same with NHS march earlier on. I have been missing much online trying to limit my time online, hence not as many blog posts as I thought might start doing with new blog setup. I am trying to get out for walks and occasional cycle ride a bit more, although listening to online audio/podcasts/radio on headphones. I am lucky to have a big park nearby where I live that just go over a few quite streets and through ginnel to get to some woods that border the park.

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