Mixed feeling about the snow

“Oh world, how you glisten bright,

With snow that blankets all in white,

A wondrous sight for all to see,

A winter wonderland that’s free.

The snowflakes fall, so pure and clean,

A beautiful and tranquil scene,

The world is hushed, a peaceful place,

A moment frozen in time and space.

The children laugh, with joy and glee,

As they build a snowman, tall and free,

And snowballs fly, with giddy fun,

As they race and play, ’til day is done.

But for some, the snow brings woe,

A cold and bitter, biting foe,

For travel’s hard, and journeys long,

And icy roads are treacherous, wrong.

Mixed feelings stir, within the heart,

Of those who love the snow’s sweet art,

For though they revel in its sight,

The trouble it brings, is not quite right.

So let us cherish, this snowy gift,

Embrace its beauty, and all uplift,

But stay safe, warm, and take care,

For winter’s chill, is everywhere.”

Children off school play in the snow 1

Out in the snowy fields, they played,

Their sledges carving tracks in the white.

Their laughter echoed through the glade,

As they reveled in the winter’s delight.

But now it’s time to return to class,

To learn, to study, to grow and to thrive.

Though the snow may be a thing of the past,

Their love of learning will always survive.

For in the joy of play, they found,

A spark of wonder, a thirst for more.

And now with renewed purpose, they are bound,

To learn and to explore.

So let us celebrate these children bold,

Who dared to sled while others stayed in.

For they remind us that life’s joys should be told,

And learning can be a thrilling win."

Children off school play in the snow 2

“On snow-covered hills they gleefully slide,

Away from books and the classroom’s confines.

With laughter and cheers, they enjoy the ride,

Feeling alive in the winter’s sunshine.

Their sledges glide down the slopes with ease,

Their rosy cheeks, a sign of pure delight.

Their youthful spirits, full of energy,

In this moment, they feel nothing but bright.

But now the sledging is over, it’s true,

And they must return to their studies anew.

To catch up on lessons missed in the snow,

To make up for lost time, and keep their minds aglow.

So here’s to these children, brave and free,

Who took a break from the books to feel the glee,

Of sledging on hills, beneath the snow,

Now back to learning, ready to grow.”