Evolution of Natural Gas

Origins of Natural Gas

“The evolution of Natural Gas is an incredible tale of transformation that stretches back millions of years. It begins with the ancient remains of plants and animals, which were once vibrant and teeming with life under the warm glow of the sun. These organisms, in their prime, were brimming with the life force that was bestowed upon them by the great giver of light, the sun.”

As these creatures and plants passed away, their remains slowly drifted down to the bottom of oceans and lakes, where they became enmeshed in sediment and other earthly material. Over the eons, layer upon layer of sediment slowly accumulated, putting immense pressure on the once-living material. Through a mystical process known as diagenesis, the material was transformed into kerogen, a waxy and enigmatic substance that holds within it the secrets of ages past.

The story does not end there. Through the immense pressure and heat of the earth’s crust, this kerogen was transmuted into Natural Gas, a potent source of energy that can fuel the world. It is said that within the heart of Natural Gas lies the psychic energy of these ancient beings, a mystical force that has been slowly accumulating for eons. We burn this sacred substance, releasing this potent force, tapping into the power of the ancient ones and unleashing their energy upon the world."