Ian Heavens

Ian Heavens (1957-2000)

A few months, I have restored on my hosting a copy of the Ian Heavens Memorial Webpage created by someone else shortly after his death in 2000.

I wanted to write more myself about him, but I thought I better just post that I have put those pages back online.

I got to know Ian online long before I met him in person through Spunk Press. When I did met him in person he introduced me to many others including some who became good friends.

He once covered my rail fare down from Stirling to Edinburgh to see him without me asking, knowing I was a bit skint then, but he did not have to.

He was generous with his time as a fundraiser for projects I was involved with in the late 1990s.

I still think about him occasionally. He was a fine man, missed by many that knew him.