Videos, Films and Cinema

Videos, Film & Cinema

I previously made a post of some Podcasts I listen to. I like to limit my screen time so tend to prefer listening to them to wind down after a day of working at screens. But sometimes I have a videos on in background to listen to commentary, if no audio only version, especially if interviews or narration over not particularly critical footage.

We recently got subscription to Nebula which is an more curated alternative to YouTube as you can find many videos that have discovered on YouTube, but often released sooner and without adverts & comments. See links at bottom of my Media Audio and Video File Sharing webpage, which were some of what enticed us to Nebula but discovered so much more on there. .
But as mention at bottom of that page Enhancer for YouTube helped when something on YouTube I wished to watch such as Patrick Boyle and Coffezilla.

I had a big break from watching BBC iPlayer much mainly because the BBC blocks IP addresses I used despite one of them being unique to me, but via a datacentre VPN web traffic is tunnelled through. The news seris of Doctor Who is wild. Also great that they put early episodes up. I had read many of them but never seen them. My kids enjoying across the whole years of them.

Since shortly after it was launch, we subbed to Disney+ and have renewed each year after short break. There has been quite a lot to keep us entertained on there, as covered by What’s On Disney Plus

This summer has been a summer of cinema, sometimes the whole family and sometime two or three of us.

We have also been checking out different cinemas kicking off with Bradford Science and Media Museum’s IMAX just before it closed for refurbishment. I wanted us to see one of their IMAX educational films, but the kids wanted to see Spider-man across the spider-verse.
I did not see that many IMAX films as perhaps should and runs long finished of the old ones. I once travelled there as a teenager to see Total Recall. I recent saw remake which I quite liked too.

Going back to Cottage Road that I had not been to in over twenty year. That was for the legendary after pub late shows. It was nice to see it crowded for Wonka just after xmas. We saw Asteroid City, which saw with eldest son, and he liked it, not aimed a children but suitable for him as 13, Haunted In Venice the third in set of films my youngest likes, and recently Wonka there, which was packed just after Christmas.

The Lounge, Headingley, was my childhood cinema but even after expensive refurb closed due to competition from multiplex, that opened nearby in Kirkstall.

The Hyde Park Picture House reopened after a refurb, known for its gas-power lights. It was good to laugh with decent audience for Barbie, and shed a little tear too.

We took a train day trip to Scarbough on TransPennine Express Nova 3 made up of Mk5a coaches pulled by Class 68, which now withdrawn from TPE services, to then see Hollywood Plaza to see Wish, where I laughed and shed a tear too at final song where subjects find strength to resist the evil king. I think I went to see the Baron The Adventures of Baron Munchausen direct by Terry Gilliam. Recently I rewatched Brazil also direct by him with my missus who had not seen. I used to think it was one of my fav films but it has ages a bit as many of my other previous fav films, such as Delicatessen.

Looking forward to 2024.

And then year after visiting Bradford City of Culture 2025, where IMAX & Sound and Vison galleries at Media and Science Museum reopening after refurbishment.

Pity I did not get to more of Leeds2023, but still hope to catch Fantasy: Realms of Imagination at Leeds City Library.