Micah lives in Great Britain, and here you will find a selection of musings skewed to tech and some ‘consumer’ issues. I also spend time contributing to collective projects covering other subjects elsewhere on the web.
Ulla used her blog more than me but no longer the case as both of us have less time online.
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  1. Nick D says:

    I am writing a paper for a finance class and I have to reference Paul Mason’s “Meltdown: The End of the Age of Greed.” However, I can’t buy an e-book (not available) or the actual hardcopy without traveling which I can’t (broke my leg + on campus with no car and no friends with a car). Could you possibly give me a couple of sentences from the book regarding “securitization’ or anything about “forecasting future housing price growth based on historical data.” The bulk of my paper uses other references that I have, however my professor stated the other day I also need to reference this book. I am going to fully cite the book and pages I just need help acquiring the actual words from the book. Please, I only need about one or two sentences from this book regarding those subjects.

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