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In 1788 thousands of disillusioned French people took to Parisian streets for several disorderly processions. On the 14th July 1789 they stormed the Bastille and abolished the monarchy.

Last year, over a thousand disillusioned local people took to the streets for a disorderly procession. On the 14th July 2001 we will...

visit the big bronze FOOT and party on way there and back, see report. (on RUS website)

Last year we reshaped urban space, we liked the feeling, the exhilaration of controlling our space and our lives for just one afternoon. We want more.

A festival of Resistance and Revolutionů

Foot & Mouth!

Foot it round Edinburgh on the 14th July meeting 3pm at Festival Square (off Lothian Road) or Bristo Square.

Last year the chief police officer promised to put his foot down, they tried to stop us at the foot of the mound, but we achieved a remarkable feat, we stood on our own two feet and took control of our streets. This year, put your best foot forward and foot it round Edinburgh. We're keeping our feet on the ground but capitalism is on an insecure footing, in fact it's got one foot in the grave.

Play football, play footsie or just footer around.

Bring costumes, masks, drums, music, flags, banners, beach stuff, sunshine, friends, neighbours, bevvy etc.

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A spontaneous, free, noisy, creative, uncontrolled carnival.

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