Internet Radio

A comrade wants to set up internet radio and we are looking for a technical solution, and here share some finds. We are just testing at moment. way to go yet.

We are testing with icecast stream at:

Resources and links

Raid Streaming Server

Radio space at back space


Resonance FM use MP3 streaming on web and FM on airwaves

RadioQualia ( makrolabFM use realaudio on web and FM on airwaves )

Blast Radio

Diversity Radio

Middle Finger

Radio Z use 2 solutions Real Audio and ????? as well as traditional FM broadcast.

IMC run radio mailing list.

Open Source (Free Software (as in freedom)) audio projects

Net Juke (*nix)

Audacity is open source audio editor.


Cdex  ripper that runs under MS Windows that converts to MP3

KHdRecord records from soundcard and runs under KDE desktop on Linux. Can be used to record realaudio streams, radio input set to timer.

do a search on source forge for the many other others there

looking into free steamed audio servers


Zinf can save streams locally.

This is just testing as when we do it for real will be streamed from elsewhere.

I think we will look for another (free) solution.

OGG is an open source alternetive to the patented MP3


video page