Free (as in freedom) software / information

I previously got quite into free software advocacy.

Many years ago I helped host a visit by Richard Stallman to Edinburgh. He is know for his developing Free Software as movement aware of itself. He gave a public talk and attended a free software social at the Posties (CWU) Club.

I got into using free software because I found it was better for what I want to do. But I got into the whole philosophy behind it and now try to help spread it, by pages like this but mainly by distributing cdroms, with support, of free software and whole OSs starting with Mandrake Linux but then onto other distros (see guide to those that stick to Free Software)

Check out:

What is Free Software?

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Film about Free Software

I also advocate copyleft for other forms of information such as books and archives.
I urge you to check out Creative Commons

Open Rights Group

recommended reading:


Talks by Richard Stallman and others about free software (note if you want MP3 versions do general internet search for stallman.mp3)

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also see GNU/Linux, and no MSword docs