I maintain several websites; ask me if you want URLs.

These personal pages just cover a narrow sub-set of my ever evolving interests.

I now and again check the email sent to sb 'at' j12.org (you may use GPG Encryption if you wish to email me but understand the limitations of PGP and how it can be compromised).

I use various Instant Message applications including Signal, and Telegram (the @ handle is the initals of my full birth name followed by one thousand in digits), and have an account on Mastodon.Social which you can direct message me on, and I should be happy then to give you my other contact details. I also have another Web Architechs Mastodon account, which ran out of disk space and although restored now can't change the profile including images for some reason. I only intended the banner to be temp, but may be stuck reminding me of start of what turned out to be a Summer of Cinema 2023. My use of each account is mostly based on which I am logged into at the time, but I tend to post more creative prose to the Mastodon.Social one that are sometimes NSFW.

I Blog occasionally, using HUGO on slimline lightweight VM static only hosting from WebArchitects.

Webpages that I started a long time ago and have been sporadically updated since, with last row additions that are works in progress:

Map Links:

"Canary still alive": 26th May 2024.
Not sure if this worth keeping up but idea of above date was if I would update to the date it was when I am updating webpages and so could help in working out if to trust messages or posts from me based on if before or after that "canary was still alive", I would stop updating it if I my phone had been comprimised or even myself. And then maybe can't be trusted even if signed by PGP or sent using end to end encyption. If this date not changed in over year ask me to update if I don't, then assume I have been compromised, and don't trust anything I say, unless I give a water tight explaination of why this page can not be updated by me. Note: although I am not the only person with access to update this webpage, no government, their security service or mega corp on their behalf can access the hosting VM at the moment, to best of my knowledge.