Internet Access in UK

This page is out of date, but still some of it's contents remains just in case of use.

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Be safe online 


I use AAISP for broadband and recommend them. They have good reviews and seem to know their stuff.

The Phone Coop is worth looking into, who also do month by month contract for BT line ADSL, as well a long contract LLU offering. Local projects I help use them.

For alternative wireless networks try:


I used to often buy my domains via my host Site5 as I use them as web host and so could be managed in same admin interface for the hosting.

But Idotz is another option I use as domain registrar as they have cheapest transfer in rate of any I can find and pretty cheap for new domains as well and they accept payment via Skrill

I used to obtain Top Level domains from

(I previously used but found to be cheaper and offered similar service)

I have have found both to be good value and flexible.

I now use WebarchitectsMythic Beasts for my domain names.

I get managed webhosting runing on CentOS (GNU/Linux) from and I used to hire a Debian Virtual Machine from where I could install and configure web servers and applications, but I never found time to do much more than I could do over time with budget managed hosting, and reasons to keep it diminished.
Bytemark Hosting

If I were to use another virtual machine with full root use I would get it from Ecological and Dissident Hosting

Cent OS

I originally got web hosting from:

Positive Internet

who have a cool giraffe logo.

Giraffe Logo

Mathew of mjzhosting got in touch with me to suggest using his hosting over site5.

For web browsing for a long time I have used and recommend Mozilla Firefox as a webbrowser. With using GNU/Linux in form of OpenSuSE, Kubuntu and PCLinuxOS with the KDE desktop, for my main applications I use the Rekonq web browser as well as Firefox. I did have system set up on dual boot, but so rarely boot into MS windows, only to test windows software, that I now only have GNU/Linux. I would recommend anyone try GNU/Linux. I myself started using GNU/Linux by installing Linux Mandrake (as it was then) as a friend used it and recommended for newbies. Many programs that one gets with it one would pay good money for with windows. But I would now recommend other GNU/Linux Distros such as BLAG

I offer email and web hosting to friends under your own domain or a sub domain I can supply. Ask me.

I have a Pretty Good Privacy key ; I use GPG .

For secure communication between mobiles consider using:
Silent Circle

MS Virus detection

I no longer recommend FreeAV due to doggy practises selling your web history.

Heard reports that ClamAV is ok, but when I tested it only scaned rather than live detect.

As I said for web browsing I use Mozilla Firefox but as I use GNU/Linux I also in equal measure use Konqueror which comes with the KDE desktop and the very fast light dillo.

Users of Pre OSX macs (eg MacOS 9) may wish to try iCab

Internet links of interest:

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