Download a copy of the PGP Intro to Crypto documentation that originally came with Pretty Good Privacy by Phil Zimmermann.

PGP has been superseded by GPG

But details of the original PGP can be found via: as well as Phil Zimmermann's webpages

I have several OpenPGP keys including an old RSA one which I used back in 1995 but it uses the patented IDEA algorithm later ones don't. My latest one was created with GPG with is compatible with OpenPGP, which is used by later versions of PGP and it's successors from Symantec. Please use my latest key. I have also lost private keys I made at some points.

I now use Kmail which integrates well with gpg, and use KGpg for key management. If you use MS Windows I advise you to try Thurderbird email client which one can integrate GPG into with Enigmail plugin.

If you want hide IP addresses used by you while web surfing use TOR ( ) or try finding & using a Virtual Private Network service such as NordVPN or ipredator.

If you want to use encryption to the email address you already use on home computer get a copy of PGP or GPG and you can send encrypted mail to other PGP users like me using my public GPG key, once one has read the user guide and set it up it is quite straight forward to use.

OpenPGP best practices

More info can be found from the Rise Up security pages.