I had many years of using GNU/Linux
I recommend you give using GNU/Linux a go if you have not allready.

Though many of the applications that run under GNU/Linux also have version that runs on MS Windows and although many run better as native GNU/Linux applications they are worth using under Windows if you are sticking to using MS Windows as Operating System.

New PCs with GNU/Linux pre-installed can be bought from DNUK but it is now even more focused on selling to companies rather than individuals. I also previously bought a PC from now dissolved EfficientPC in 2008

This page has often fallen out of date despite occasional updates but I hope is still be useful.

I now mostly use Linux as part of Android mobile OS or Sailfish OS from Jolla on my phone(s), and only use OpenSUSE on desktop within Microsoft Windows 10 and have a gaming PC from GJSComputers, and a MacOS MacBook Pro Laptop. Following Right to Repair campaigns with interest.

For a web browser and email for long time I have used Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. (*)

For many years I tended to use KDE applications, such as Kmail, Konqueror and Kword, with GNU/Linux.

For making a local copy of a website I have used WinHTTrack

Putty (SSH/telnet) if you find your self needing to login from an MS Windows box into a server to get command prompt but I tend just to ssh via OpenSUSE within WSL.

With first pc of my own I started with using Lotus Word Pro but have since used Open Office now Libre Office, with occasional use of Abiword and Kword (which is now Calligra Words).

If you wish to create PDF files from any windows application that prints the use PDF Creator

Also their are free software alternatives for reading PDFs:

If you are fed up typing try Dasher (but for me was just a brief novelty

Text editor: Notepad-plus-plus and previously Notepad2

I used to use CDex CD ripper but it no longer seems under development.

I tend to have my music collection ripped into Ogg Vorbis format, but now considering using Ogg Opus when more supported.

Under MS windows I used VLC player

I have used the Audacity audio recorder and editor.

For tagging audio files check out Music Brainz or try MP3-Tag, although I often use EyeD3 on linux commandline.

I have in past used Media sharing software (P2P).

TuxPaint is fun (for kids).

Often programs come as compressed zip archives these can be opened with the free 7zip.

Filezilla for file transfer

To let you computer do some work while you are not and maybe want you computer to simulate folding proteins in it's spare time and help advance human knowledge:

GNU/Linux is the way to go.

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FLOSS Manuals

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O'Reilly - Open Source

Peer 2 Peer

Free Programmers', Webmasters' and Security Resources


Source Forge

Sourceforge (Windows)

I used to have a link to QNX for web surfing from a single floppy but they have stopped offering this download. QNX then became the core of the ill fated Blackberry OS 10


Edinburgh Linux User Group

Overview and News of Linux distributions

MAC OSX links

Homebrew - The Missing Package Manager for macOS

Linux can even go on old macs.

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