Shut Down the G.ate2Hell

Gather at the Airthrey Stone, Stirling

South of Airthrey Castle, in east of Stirling University Grounds [1]

Noon Tuesday July 5th 2005

"Up Hill and Down Dale - Our Protest Shall Prevail!"

Bring the Ancestors:

Arise Hardie and Baird, executed in Stirling for rising up against oppression.

Blair's plan for Africa is just a revival of the "improvements" used in Scotland to increase the profitability of the land before clearing the peasants off to work in factories.

Brown's International Finance Facility is just another mechanism to create more private borrowing to float the economy at the expense of future generations.

Brown and Blair shamelessly use the starving people of Africa as hostages to gain support for their schemes of privatisation and neo-colonialist control which will create new chains for the children and grandchildren of those they pretend to save.

Arise Alexander Somerville! Your ancestors were driven from the Ochil Hills. Guide us through the night so that we can descend upon the G8 gang of vultures and drive them from Gleneagles."

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[1] Not to be confused with the Sheriff Muir Gathering Stone but others will gather there too for sure.