Spunk Archive

not much to look at here

The spunk archive can be found at www.spunk.org

or try this mirror

Texts are loaded into this directory by a member of the Spunk Collective in the uk, before they were to be moved to the Spunk Archive, but this has not been happening and probbaly never will, as interests have moved elsewhere. There are vague plans in pipeline for a new database driven Spunk Archive but for now updates are on hold, and much of archive is historical.

Please think of Spunk as more of a library or distributer than a publisher.

Texts present here:

Stuff by Claudia

Incitement Article from Black Flag (1983)

sp000457.htm THE ART STRIKE PAPERS (allready added)

sp000458.htm THE FESTIVAL OF PLAGIARISM (allready added)

Images mostly prisoner support related can be found in my prisoner support pages (note some are from spunk archive but these have spunk file name so should be obvious)

Coming sometime (or never):

Here and Now
Turkish Anarcho stuff
You Can't Blow up a Social Relationship

and other things when given on disk.

If you know people who produce revolutionary, class struggle propaganda and prisoner support leaflets and may want help getting it on the internet the ask them to phone Space Bunny on 0131 557 6242; or send your leaflet in hard format and electronic format on disk, ideally in original, rich text format, portable document format and text only, fully marked with what is on the disk, what format e.g Mac or PC, MS Word 6, Pagemaker 5 or Quark files, etc. Please include full contact details and any source, date and copyright info.