End of July Web Tips

Web browsing tips.

I recommend using Firefox to browse the web and install the extension(s) uBlock Origin and/or Privacy Badger.

If you use YouTube like me then try Enhancer for YouTube™. It has many great features: As well as blocking adverts it can turn off autoplay, to try reduce the bad effects of the YouTube Algorithm, prevent videos loaded in background tabs from automatically playing; has extra feature buttons including one to remove the overlays at end which is great if they are covering something you want to see like credits; hide shorts which I find tend to be a big time waste; automatically expand the videos descriptions; automatically sort comments from newest to oldest; hide comments if you find you waste time being drawn into them, and many more tweaks to YouTube you may wish to make, I use the KDE colours based theme, and many more additional options for YouTube.

For more web tips see my old static sb computing and internet web pages.